Welcome to the site of the Grosi commune

Grosi is situated in Maramures county, 5 km away from Baia Mare . The commune is composed from the following three villages: Grosi, Ocolis si Satu Nou de Jos.
The locality of Grosi was certified in the year 1411, but its first inhabitants were here long before. A legend says that a couple of hundred years ago, this area was covered by oak forests with trees with very thick trunks. In these forests the inhabitans were hiding from the barbarians. At the entrance of Grosi, there is an oak tree of over 300 years old, protected by law, that remembers of the old oak forests.

Respected fellow citizens

I thought the achievement of this village Grosi site for you, people who live here, as well as those who leave are in the country or abroad, can make contact with everything that happens in our village. Also, this way we can make friends in the country and abroad, to contribute decisively to economic recovery and human potential that our village has. In this way, any possible investor will know the features they offer to develop business on the radius of the village administrative Grosi. As a novelty, I introduced the possibility of being in dialogue with you, we'll be able to ask questions, suggestions or proposals. As mayor of grosenilor all, I wish to declare that the availability instiuĆŁiei one to represent a viable and serious partner for dialogue with people who have chosen me and the job which we conduct the entire business.

Primar Florin Boltea