Social Aspects

In the center of the commune there is a renovated building in which, at the first floor there are the Mayoralty and Local Council of the commune and at the ground floor there is the house of culture ( library, club, festivities hall with a capacity of 300 places ). The house of culture offers a diverse range of services including: wedding and festive meals organizing.A point of attraction is the children\\\\\\\'s folkloric group "Voinicelul" from Grosi, founded in the year 2003 and well-known in the Maramures county. 
We are proud of the following traditionalists: 
 DUMITRU FARCAS – tarogota singer 
 DUMITRU DOBRICAN – tarogota singer 
 DOREL ROHIAN – folkloric group conductor 
 MARIAN VASILE – professor
 GADEA DAN –tarogota singer 
 BERCI NELU – tarogota singer 
 BOLTE SIMION – professor
 CAPRAR VASILE DAN – USA university assistant 

There are two schools in Grosi commune, with preliminary and gymnasium classes. The library of the commune offers to its readears a collection of over 5000 volumes, books that cover all the domains. 

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