At the present moment, there are in Grosi a number of about 40 firms that cover the following fields of activity: commerce, constructions, wood processing, transportation, tourism, agriculture, milling.
The agricultural area of the commune is made of: arable areas, orchards, hay fields and grasslands, which favorize the animal growing: cattle, swine, ship, domestic birds, etc.

The mayor of the commune began strong partnerships with local autorities of communes and villages from Denmark, Italy and France. For the development of the locality, the modernization of the local road and water supply are of high importance. The existing water supply project for the localities Grosi and Satu Nou de Jos is to be mentioned.

We are interested in other partnerships with domestic or foreign investors, companies and local communities from EU, to initiate together regional development programms.
We wait for your partnership proposals: 
 •  Being situated near Baia Mare city, Grosi commune has acces to railway, national roads, airport;
 •  Qualified and cheap working force;
 •  We offer to potential investors land for granting; 
 •  Access to all utilities: water, electricity, television, Internet, phone. 

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